Lessons Learned from the Dolphins
Legends of dolphin magic abound.  Do they really happen?  Hear a 21st century scuba diver’s first person experiences – the pain, the joy and enlightenment that connection with these awesome creatures brought to her life.  These rich experiences are accompanied by experiential exercises such as simple breathing techniques for letting go and centering.  Experience community and connection awareness as the dolphins model it, along with sounding and chanting to empower you to take risks and speak your truth.  This is dolphin energy at its best from a sea-worthy presenter who embodies lessons for living on the land, learned from the sea. 

Unwrap the Present – The Gift You Give Yourself
Push, push, push.  Pull, pulled, pulling.  Is that the way you’re living your life?  Winalee Zeeb invites you to explore and discover the life that awaits you, a life of dynamic ease where you’re living in balance, aware, tuning in, moving in ease with body, mind, spirit and emotions in harmony.  Learn to move consciously with those things that bring you joy and move consciously away from those that don’t. This experience is filled with food for your soul, fuel for your journey and illumination to guide your way.  The present is now – unwrap this gift.

Invitation to a Balanced Life
A balanced life awaits you.  Are you willing to take a look?  Winalee Zeeb invites you to become a witness, an observer exploring all realms of your being – body, mind, spirit and emotion.  See your life in relationship with the earth and all of life, integrating and weaving your connection with the whole.  Walk through five simple steps, rooted in heart knowing and age-old wisdom, that will lead you to a balanced life.  As on any journey with Winalee, the experience is punctuated with tear of joy and laughter, music and dancing. 

The Joy of Movement
Do you trust your body?  Is exercise a “dirty” word in your vocabulary?  Perhaps you’re participating in some exercise regimen that’s less than fulfilling.  Would you like to make peace with your body and be able to listen to your soul?  What if you could experience flow and serenity, peace, and joy while getting the satisfaction of a good workout (only if that’s important to you).  Winalee Zeeb is delighted to share the sheer joy of re-discovering your body and helping you know what it really wants.  Seek pleasure and play rather than exercise and work.

Reclaiming the Heart
Do you feel as if your head is going in one direction and your heart is going in another?  Perhaps your heart’s desire has lost its way altogether?  Find your way back.  In this playshop, a safe environment is created to celebrate healing through dance, song, spoken word Y heart-inspired creativity.  You’ll learn to move out of your head and into your heart and re-discover joy from within.

Relax, Refresh & Renew
Out with stress, strain and chaos.  In with relaxation, refreshment and renewal.  In this restorative playshop, Winalee Zeeb assists you in re-remembering and re-discovering the wealth of resources that are yours for the tapping every minute of every day.  You’ll participate in simple exercises for relaxation, stress relief and centering.  For home or workplace, these are tools that will help you put aside what’s going on around you and focus on the peace you’ll find within.

Guts & Grace
You’ve heard that opposites attract.  Did you know opposites energize?  Using the polarity of yin and yang, power and flow, we learn to find balance.  The body tells the story flawlessly as we work with and through these energies – feeling them, playing wit them, learning from them.  The process is impeccable as the energies unfold.  Learn to reconnect to your passion and vitality by listening to your body. 

Dancing Your Dream
Have you lost sight of your dream?  Perhaps life choices have taken you down other paths.  Can the dream be awakened?  This playshop is designed to bring focus and clarity to your dream – to re-discover it and provide encouragement for the proceeding forward to achieve results.  We will actively use music, movement and meditation to seed your dream and motivate you to move forward toward your goal. 
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